Scribblings and Doodlings by Paul Eldridge.

Who's this fella then?

This Paul Eldridge bloke is a writer and cartoonist responsible for some ludicrous notions out there in the big wide world right now.

He has created strips ranging from bloomin' silly to just plain odd. He is currently working on too many things at once as per usual, and yet is always more than happy to talk to anyone about any further work they may require, please get in touch, sit down and have a nice cup of tea.

Some of his work (for which he apologises in advance) includes comic strips.

Such as the tales of the much misunderstood Rubbernorc and his pal the Fat Bloke. The story of an Orc surviving in the modern day with his rather rotund flat mate and a hankering for the ale. 

Ancient tales of that lone warrior Gonad the Barbarian, and his ongoing search for his long lost brother. The additional 'only for grown ups' children's book, Mr Testy, is now available on Amazon here.

And the leaked Tales from my Mindverse that poured from my noggin. Originally created online for download to phone, a little world created itself, with the likes of aliens, robots, superheroes, scientists and at least one librarian.

Such things have been collected and may be obtained from here

Along with this he has provided some bits and pieces for numerous websites and publications, such as...

Content for the Temple APA digital showcase, free downloadable magazines of which can be found here.

A contribution to the charity comic 'Flood' by Clown Press, proceeds of which will be donated to the Red Cross. This may be purchased from here.

Additional artwork for the Worlds End Colouring and Storybook from Wizards Keep Publishing, which may be found here

Artwork featured in 'Sci-Fi Art Now' from Ilex Publishing, which may be ordered from here and here.




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